Thursday, August 11, 2005


This fantastic home-made ghetto-ass furniture was created by Jose Avila.
He used his architecural knowledge to create, build and ultimately furnish his entire apartment-
including bed, couch, chairs, dinner table. desk etc.
He even put up a site to show you how to make the stuff (linked below)
Unfortunately Fed Ex doesn't recognize an "homage" when it sees it.
Jose has gotten a cease and desist letter from Fed Ex claiming he's violationg their copyright.
As these things usually go, it wont be long before Jose has to take his site down.
Heck, he'll probably owe those corporate leeches money for punitive damages or some other BS like it.
Just another example of the man sucking what little blood is left out of us.

Maybe we can make the furniture out of Airborne Express boxes.


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