Thursday, July 28, 2005

Those Crazy Germans

I have become fascinated by the fact that so many American classics have been recorded in german.
Johnny Cash doing "Wo Ist Zu House, Mama?", to the Beatles' "Komm Gibb Mi Hahn" to Petula Clark's "Downtown"
Even Peter Gabriel recorded "Games Without Froniers" in German. There was even one guy - Ralf Paulsen who recorded the Mister Ed Theme in German. But this here song just about takes the cake. In most instances these songs sound kinda neat - however this one may cause you to take pause. For your cacaphonic pleasure, I present to you "Rappers Delight"


(Thanks to WFMU's blog for providing this stunning content)


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Picking Up Girls Made Easy

What a find!
Browsing the many music sites the web has to offer, I stumbled upon this.
An entire professionally recorded "how-to" record on how to pick up chicks.
This is an mp3 of the enire album from the late 60's.
Listen! - It needs no further explanation.


Monday, July 25, 2005

The Zoomquilt

This is a Zoomquilt.
Hallucinogenics not required, but still a lot of fun.
This is a couple years old, yet worthy of posting anyway-
If you drag your cursor up or down you will be transported through a seemingly endless and seamless
world of never ending intricate worlds.
A Collective of artists from germany collaborated on this project.
Pretty amazing stuff.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Meet Frank.
He's posing with his prototype, which converts a useless fire hydrant into a nice sidewalk shower.

only in NY

This great image and story were courtesy of BoingBoing which got it courtesy of Siege


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Run along - Montauk

(Yes, I know Bond said "Run along - man-talk" but it still sounds like Montauk)

The family went on a week getaway to Montauk
GREAT vaction place - esp during the week
Good times to be had for sure - as you can see

however i would like to share one view from Montauk...

Talk about a real estate boom -
whoever happened to buy some small 3 br bungalow in the 60's
or bought a more modern 4 br for 200k about 8 years ago -
you are now sitting on houses worth upwards of 1million dollars!
(insert dr evil finger)
Just looking at the real estate listings in the local papers was a real eye opener.
serious junk shacks on less than 1/2 acre listing at 850k at the very minimum.
Just another example of why it's a good thing to buy land/property of some kind in some way
-because they ain't makin any more

Pimp My Fahrrad

Leave it to those crazy eco-friendly germans.
pimp my ride gone schwinn style


Thursday, July 07, 2005


Remember the old porno mags you hid in the woods when you were a kid?
No matter how water damaged they got they were still THE essential forbidden item.
Remember the ads for the films in them?
If you're feeling the least bit nostalgic, have a look at this great collection of vintage adult film posters from the golden age of porn.
You'll also see the ever classic "Debbie Does Dallas" poster as well.
Some are for sale too!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

YAY! it's NOT New York!!!

What a nice way to start the day...
to NOT see New York used like a whore on 8th avenue for yet another event
most New Yorkers would dread ever coming to this fair city