Sunday, July 17, 2005

Run along - Montauk

(Yes, I know Bond said "Run along - man-talk" but it still sounds like Montauk)

The family went on a week getaway to Montauk
GREAT vaction place - esp during the week
Good times to be had for sure - as you can see

however i would like to share one view from Montauk...

Talk about a real estate boom -
whoever happened to buy some small 3 br bungalow in the 60's
or bought a more modern 4 br for 200k about 8 years ago -
you are now sitting on houses worth upwards of 1million dollars!
(insert dr evil finger)
Just looking at the real estate listings in the local papers was a real eye opener.
serious junk shacks on less than 1/2 acre listing at 850k at the very minimum.
Just another example of why it's a good thing to buy land/property of some kind in some way
-because they ain't makin any more

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