Friday, December 11, 2009


This is a post that probably belongs on Diorama Getaway, but I want to keep that one reserved for my own work. I forget who originally turned me on to this but it has been haunting and inspiring me ever since that first viewing. Jake & Dinos Chapman, 2 artists that have experimented in many media collaborated on the building of this project. It is essentially depicting Hell. More specifically, what Hell is like for Nazi's. Their use of scale models and more traditional kits coupled with hand made horrific and imaginatively gruesome (dis)figures create a miniature nightmare of epic proportions.

Check the movie out here

While this tends to be a sensitive subject to many, the depiction of the 'payback' to the ones that committed those atrocities seems oddly justified.

Here's some shots of the actual models/sets in 'touring' mode as it went into exhibition. Would have loved to seen these up close in person.