Wednesday, October 12, 2005


For those that know me personally, we've probably had a discussion or two about the origins of mankind. I've always considered an unorthodox approach to this question because i truly believe that all current religion isn't even close to the real truth. That truth being who we really are, and how we came to be the self-conscious beings we are. I have always wanted to read an honest clear translation of the Sumerian Bible (this pre-dating the hebrew bible by thousands of years) because many of the current biblical tales of great floods et al. originated in those Sumerian legends. The Sumerians were the closest advanced primitive culture to the real answers of how we emerged from the muck and I've always thought that primitive cultures somehow had a better grip on how it really was. Case in point, the Sumerians had star charts that included Neptune AND Pluto as well as the various moons of other major planets. They even named Neptune "The Water Planet" and Pluto the "Ice Planet". These facts predated modern mans discovery by thousands of years! Anyway, long story longer, Graham Hancock has been a great visionary and learned scholar on archaeology and human origins. He has a new book out in which he explores the hallucinogenic world of the primitive Amazonian jungle through experiencing a trip on ayahuasca. (an extremely hallucinogenic indiginous plant of the amazon prepared as you see in the pic above) His current studies concur with several other theories that "the missing link" or the reason the human brain jump-started its development and artistic, societal and mechanical skills developed so fast was due to the discovery and ingestion of hallucinogenic flora. (Other related authors- Terence McKenna, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert Bauvall)

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