Friday, October 21, 2005


I try to keep politics off this blog as much as possible because there's just a shitload of political blogs out there and let's face it, who needs another progressive gloating at the downfall of the neo-con agenda? For the most part I'm successful at avoiding politics, however occasionally news is so un-ignorable that I have to jump on the train. (as in the katrina posts) I recently discovered this "game" on one of those many political blogs out there. This is a brilliant metaphor to how the US has approached the War on Terror, and it's just a hell of a lot of fun for those of us "destructive types". Basically, you get to fire a missile at the bad guys. Accuracy is questionable (just like real-life) and the results are a lot of collateral damage without really hitting the intended target or solving the original problem. (also like real-life) What makes this brilliant is, the more you play, the more "terrorists" you create (more like real-life!). In a nutshell the war on terror would be much more successful if it was fought with responsible foreign policy instead of bombs and genocide. Click the link below to play the "war on Terrorism" game a.k.a September 12th. (You'll need shockwave on your computer to play)


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