Monday, September 19, 2005

VANITY POST: Our Son Donovan is Here

Yeah, well I had to use this as a vehicle to share the great news. Our son Donovan Jack was born on Friday Sept 16th @ 5:30AM. Him and mom are both doing great. He's the mellowest little guy - which will make a great contrast to the rest of his highly energetic family. Not only that, Sadie now has a little playmate to help take care of. Despite all the nasty shit going on in this world, it sure is nice to see things like this work out so well. to quote Tiny Tim "God bless us - everyone"
...and no NOT THAT tiny tim-tiptoe through the tulips....


Bobbi Salas said...

congrats... and he's adorable!

mis n tous said...

sooo handsome that donovan!
Congrats greg and family!
Jen Brogle