Thursday, September 08, 2005


Now, for those few acquaintances of mine that still stand behind The Cowboy - even now - I offer this juicy lil tidbit.
Courtesy of the Gaelic Starover - from comes a simply written comment on Americas current political state.
Quite apropos - especially at this time...

"Now- you republicans, out there, who are still clinging to Bush, out of sheer determination:

If you wanna be a republican, fine. You wanna vote republican, because you're a conservative, and you have no other choice? Fine-

But you have to stop viewing politics, and the fate of our nation, as if it were pro football. Yeah- I know- you want to cheer for your team, defend it when it's down, and rally around the "star player"- it's fun, I know...

Let me break this gently... Your star lineman has just tested positive for steroids, while sniffing coke with a prostitute in the back of a '78 chevette. The Quarterback was found vacationing in an shack in the Wyoming foothills, watching "Scarface" over and over, in a room littered with dead boy scouts. The rest of your team was found in a dirty basement in Singapore, chewing gum, and betting on cockfights while trading in teenage Vietnamese male whores.

Keep your ideology- keep your party- it's all good... However- I have to ask all republicans, here, and now:

Rats have the brains to leave a sinking ship- why can't you muster the same mental fortitude?

Stand with the rest of America, and demand accountability from the people whom you rallied around, for so long- they owe you, at the very least, that much..."


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