Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Essence of a Whitebelt - to be discussed at length

The original discussion about the white belt was brought up by Jeff G and Tom V.
A White belt can only be worn by ccertain qualified men - there are not many.
The belt could almost be considered a badge of honor - something one must earn.
The essence of what it takes to "earn" one is this:
(however not the only way to earn it)
To have had it all - the world at your fingertips - then,
through personal tragedy or hardship - lose it all
- only to then make it back to the spotlight and have it all again.
Women have also been nominated for a belt however in most cases they wear the WHITE PURSE
So to add to Dave Himself's observation, The original white belt would have to go to Jackie Gleason, or maybe Babe Ruth.
Rob G has a great image printed on an old Yankees program of the Babe's locker
- hanging on a hook is The Bambinos White Belt - truly a magnificent sight.

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